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A coveted thought leader that speaks at many of the CPA profession’s associations, alliances and networks conferences

Articles, News & Events by Year

Article/Speech TitlePublication/ConferenceDate
"Chicago-based Sikich is Acquiring Knutte & Associates"Public Accounting Report12/2018
"State of the Profession"CPA Journal12/17/2018
"Accounting Firm Sikich Acquires Knutte & Associates"CPA Practice Advisor12/11/2018
"Sikich Acquires Knutte & Associates"Inside Public Accounting12/10/2018
"Sikich Acquires Knutte & AssociatesAccounting Today12/10/2018
"Strategies od Deal with Challenges of Successful Mergers and Lateral Hires - Before, During and After the Deal Discussions"Digital CPA Conference 201812/4/2018
"Boomer's Blueprint: What is Your IT Strategy?"Accounting Today11/30/2018
"Minneapolis-based CLA Merged in MWA CPA + Business Advisors of Dallas on Nov 1 - A Boon to its Texas Presence and its Healthcare Practice"Public Accounting Report11/18/2018
"Koltin Delivers Keynote on State of the Accounting Industry and Best Growth Opportunities in the Industry"National Life CPA Symposium11/15/2018
"Voices: The Surprising Trait Common to Good Leaders"Accounting Today11/14/2018
"MWA Joins CLA"Inside Public Accounting11/8/2018
"CLA Acquires Texas-based Accounting Firm MWA"CPA Practice Advisor11/6/2018
"Plano Company Joins National Professional Services Firm"Dallas Business Journal11/6/2018
"CliftonLarsonAllen Merges in MWA CPA & Business Advisors"Accounting Today11/6/2018
"Strategies for Becoming an Exceptional Leader in Your Firm"AICPA 2018 Emerging Partners Training Forum11/5/2018
"Citrin Cooperman Acquires D&H Global Tax LLC"CPA Practice Advisor11/1/2018
"D&H Global Tax Joins Citrin Cooperman"Inside Public Accounting11/1/2018
"Citrin Cooperman Merges in D&H Global"Accounting Today11/1/2018
"What Makes a Best in Class Firm?"CPAAI North American Annual Conference10/23/2018
"Koltin Delivers Keynote on Life Cycles and Evolutions of Firms: How to Thrive in a World of Dynamic Changes"Morison KSi International North American Conference10/22/2018
"Koltin Delivers Keynotes on What it Takes to be a Best in Class Firm and Succession Planning"Russell Bedford 35th Annual Conference10/18/2018
"Moss Adams Combines with BPW&C in Albuquerque"INSIDE Public Accounting10/18/2018
"Moss Adams Merges In BPW&C"Accounting Today10/17/2018
"Lindemeyer to Merge with Baldwin CPAs"Inside Public Accounting10/15/2018
"Baldwin CPAs Merges in Lindemeyer CPA"Accounting Today10/12/2018
"Baldwin CPAs Expands in Louisville, Kentucky"CPA Practice Advisor10/11/2018
"Consider Non-Financial Metrics When Compensating Partners"Journal of Accountancy9/13/2018
"The Top People in Public Accounting 2018"Accounting Today9/11/2018
"The Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting"Accounting Today9/8/2018
"2018 Top 100 People Extra: Advice for Young Accountants"Accounting Today9/7/2018
"2018 Top 100 People Extra: Top Issues in AccountingAccounting Today9/7/2018
"When to Change the Partner Compensation Plan"Journal of Accountancy9/6/2018
"Ensuring Partner Compensation is in Line"Journal of Accountancy8/30/2018
"Three Best Practices for Partner Compensation"Journal of Accountancy8/23/2018
"Why Your Firms Business Development Efforts Fail"CPA Practice Advisor8/22/2018
"Three Factors in Effective Firm Management"Journal of Accountancy8/16/2018
"Wipfli Expands Presence into New England as Macpage Joins Firm"Inside Public Accounting8/3/2018
"Wipfli Expands Presence into New England with Acquisition of Macpage"CPA Practice Advisor8/2/2018
"Wipfli Moves into New England"Accounting Today8/1/2018
"Milwaukee-based WIpfli LLP Acquires New England Firm Macpage"Milwaukee Journal Sentinel8/1/2018
"Wipfli Expands Presence into New England with Acquisition of Macpage"USA Today8/1/2018
"Wipfli Expands Presence into New England as Macpage Joins with Wipfli"Markets Insider8/1/2018
"10 Don'ts of Project Management to Help You Prevent Project Failure"Project Management7/17/2018
"Succession Plan Top Concern at CPA Firms, as Baby Boomers Retire"Accounting Policy & Practice Report7/17/2018
"Former Chicago Fed Chair Sells Accounting Firm"Crain's Chicago Business7/10/2018
"Is Your Firm Best in Class?"Rosenberg Associates7/3/2018
"Plante Moran, EKS&H Merger: "A Culture Combination"Public Accounting Report7/1/2018
"Koltin Delivers Keynote on Common Success Characteristics of High Performing Partners and Leaders"New Jersey CPA Expo & Convention6/14/2018
"Koltin Speaks on Performance-Based Compensation"AICPA ENGAGE Conference6/12/2018
"Koltin Delivers Keynote on State of the Industry"National Life CPA Symposium6/7/2018
"Planning for the Future"New Jersey CPA MagazineMay/June 2018
"Koltin Speaks to Marcum Partner Group on the State of the Industry and Common Traits of "Best in Class Firms"Marcum Partner Group Meeting5/23/2018
"Koltin Delivers Keynote on State of the Industry and Best Practices of Best in Class CPA Firms"DFK USA Managing Partners' Conference5/18/2018
"BDO USA, LLP Announces Wisconsin Expansion Through Addition of Smith & Gesteland, LLP"Business Wire5/15/2018
"BDO USA Acquires Smith & Gesteland"INSIDE Public Accounting5/15/2018
"BDO Acquires Smith & Gesteland, LLP"CPA Practice Advisor5/15/2018
"BDO Merges in Smith & Gesteland"Accounting Today5/15/2018
"Koltin Delivers Keynote on How to Create Best in Class CPA Firms"BDO Alliance Conference5/8/2018
"Growth Remains the Name of the Game for Armanino"Public Accounting Report4/1/2018
"Ron Baker Inducted into Accounting Hall of Fame"CPA Practice Advisor3/6/2018
"Ernst & Youngs New Leaders See Uncapped Potential"Cleveland Crain's Business3/5/2018
"US Firm CRI Acquires Shinn & Company to Meet Growing Demand"Consultancy United Kingdom3/5/2018
"Armanino Announces Leadership Transition"Accounting Today3/1/2018
"Armanino Managing Partner, Andy Armanino, Announces Retirement"CPA Practice Advisor3/1/2018
"Carr Riggs & Ingram Expands Operations in Florida"INSIDE Public Accounting2/28/2018
"Florida Accounting Firm Shinn & Company Merges into Carr Riggs & Ingram"CPA Practice Advisor2/25/2018
"Local CPA Firm Shinn & Company Merges with Alabama Company"Sarasota Harold Tribune2/24/2018
"Top 20 Nationally Ranked Carr Riggs & Ingram (CRI) Expands Operations in Florida"Nashville Business Journal2/23/2018
"Carr Riggs & Ingram Merges in Shinn in Florida"Accounting Today2/23/2018
"Top 20 Nationally Ranked Carr Riggs & Ingram (CRI) Expands Operations in Florida"PR Newswire2/15/2018
"Accountancies BDO and RSM Acquire Consulting Firms in the US"Consultancy United Kingdom2/15/2018
"BDO Alliance USA Expands Healthcare Advisory Services Practice"INSIDE Public Accounting2/6/2018
"The Shape of M&A in 2018"Accounting Today2/6/2018
"BDO Adds PBC Advisors Consulting Division"Accounting Today2/6/2018
"Sound Bites from a Year of Change"Accounting Today2/6/2018
"BDO Acquires Consulting Division of PBC Advisors, Expands Healthcare Advisory Practice"CPA Practice Advisor2/5/2018
"BDO USA, LLP Expands Healthcare Advisory Services Practice through Addition of PBC Advisors Consulting Division"Chicago Business Journal2/5/2018
"RSM US to Acquire SecureState"Going Concern1/31/2018
"Accounting Firm RSM Acquires Security and Privacy Consulting Firm SecureState"CPA Practice Advisor1/31/2018
"RSM US to Acquire SecureState"Accounting Today1/31/2018
"RSM to Expand Consulting in Information Security with Acquisition of Clevelands SecureState"Crain's Cleveland Business1/31/2018
"Aprio Expands Private Client and Entrepreneurial Tax Practices with Acquisition"INSIDE Public Accounting1/30/2018
"RSM Expands Consulting Services with Acquisition of SecureState"INSIDE Public Accounting1/30/2018
"Aprio Grows Private Client and Entrepreneurial Tax Practices with Addition of RRB Business Services"PR Web1/30/2018
"Atlanta Accounting Firm Aprio, LLP Acquires RRB Business Services"CPA Practice Advisor1/29/2018
"Aprio Acquires RRB Business Services"Accounting Today1/26/2018
"Koltin Delivers Keynote to Lakeshore Financial on Financial Services and the Accounting Industry"Lakeshore Financial Group1/18/2018
"Diane Swonk Joins Grant Thornton"Crain's Chicago Business1/8/2018
"Citrin Cooperman Adds Schneider & Associates"Accounting Today1/4/2018
"Citrin Cooperman Acquires Schnieder & Associates"Stephens International News1/4/2018
"Citrin Cooperman Adds Schneider & Associates"Accounting Today1/4/2018
"Wipfli Acquires Chicago-based Accounting Firm Kessler Orlean Silver"CPA Practice Advisor1/3/2018
"Wipfli Acquires Chicago Area Firm KOS"INSIDE Public Accounting1/3/2018
"Citrin Cooperman Acquires Schneider & Associates"CPA Practice Advisor1/3/2018
"Chicago-based Kessler Orlean Silver & Co. Joins Wipfli"Market Insider1/2/2018
"Chicago-based Firm Kessler Orleans Silver & Co. Joins Wipfli"Business Insider1/2/2018
"Wipfli Adds Kessler Orlean Silver"Accounting Today1/2/2018
"What’s Shaking Small Firm M&A?"Illinois CPA Society Insight MagazineFall 2018
"Koltin to Deliver Keynote on Growing Professionally and Common Success Characteristics of Great Leaders and High Performers"NJCPA Convention & Expo1/1/2018

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