Retreats That Generate Great Ideas

Partners and staff collectively have a wealth of knowledge and insight about ways to enhance a firm’s success. But organizational structure, interpersonal conflicts and other barriers to communication can make it difficult for firms to fully tap their own intellectual capital.

That’s why smart firms call on Allan D. Koltin, CPA, to facilitate their retreats and partner meetings. We don’t just bring people together, but also encourage cooperative brainstorming, creative problem-solving and bold thinking about the firm’s future.

Allan is highly skilled at:

  • Planning and conducting retreats and partner meetings
  • Conducting pre-retreat surveys to identify issues
  • Developing and managing retreat agendas
  • Building trust, participation and teamwork
  • Leading participants through brainstorming exercises
  • Drawing out ideas and suggestions
  • Resolving conflicts and addressing difficult situations
  • Turning ideas into results

“Allan Koltin is the Master Jedi when it comes to CPA firm consulting. His depth, experience and ability to move a group of accountants to a higher level of understanding, awareness and action is inspiring. We gave him a standing ovation at our recent Principal’s retreat. You will feel the Force and be empowered to be great!”

– Sandy Abalos, CPA, MA, CGMA, Principal-in-Charge, Phoenix Office, REDW LLC

Thoughts from Allan:

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