Effective Strategic Planning by Overcoming Communication Barriers

Strategic Planning That Leads To A Better Future

Knowing as a firm what you're good at, where you want to go and how to get there is the key to greater profitability. At Koltin Consulting Group, our experienced advisors specialize in facilitating retreats and strategic planning sessions that help you:

  • Determine your firm's culture and market position
  • Identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Envision your future, set goals and chart a course to reach them

To assist in the planning and implementation process, our expert facilitators help partners overcome barriers to communication, address difficult issues and develop action plans that work. Our strategic planning services include:

  • Partner retreats and planning meetings
  • Market research and competitive analysis
  • Firm-wide, niche and individual marketing plans
  • Visioning, team-building and goal-setting exercises

A Profitable Future

In today's rapidly evolving professional services world, business as usual is no longer an option. Firms that lack a change strategy quickly fall behind. Don't let that happen to you. Contact Koltin Consulting Group today to map out a more profitable future for your firm.

You can reach Allan Koltin in his office at 312-662-6003, on his mobile at 312-805-0307 or toll free at 855-AKOLTIN (256-5846) ext. 6003.