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CPAs, attorneys, and other professionals are very good at what they studied hard to do. But many of them find marketing and business development activities a real challenge — even though performing well in these areas is increasingly important to their success.

Why do many professionals struggle with these tasks? Not because they lack the ability, but because they haven't developed their skills in marketing, sales and business development.

This is where Koltin Consulting Group's marketing and business development training services can make a big difference. Our pros are highly effective at helping partners, managers and other firm members gain the knowledge and skills they need to become powerful business generators. Our services in this area include:

  • Evaluation of firm members' sales skills and marketing knowledge
  • Training customized to your specific needs:
    • Intensive group workshops for practice leaders and marketing team members in effective professional services marketing techniques
    • Seminars on specific marketing subjects, such as identifying targets, cultivating prospects, networking, and using social media to increase reach
    • Individualized marketing "boot camp" training for partners or marketers new to professional services marketing
  • Sales and marketing skills coaching
  • Guidance on building a personal brand and referral network
  • Creation of a personal marketing and business development plan
  • Ongoing, one-on-one coaching to boost confidence, take action and achieve results

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Don't lose out on business because members of your firm haven't been trained to go after and get it. Call us to start building your people's marketing and sales skills — and take your firm to a higher level of success.

Allan Koltin