Niche Marketing That Hits Your Targets

As marketing becomes more granular, the need to precisely tailor message and approach to specific audiences increases. This is especially true in the professional services world, where individuals have different needs than businesses, and the service needs of businesses differ greatly by size, entity structure and industry.

To maximize the effectiveness and ROI of your marketing program, Koltin Consulting Group offers a variety of tools and services designed to help you target specific practice niches and market segments. Our advisors are ready to work with your practice leaders and marketing team to:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of existing niche marketing programs
  • Identify niches and market segments to target
  • Develop niche and practice group marketing plans
  • Build targeted cross-selling programs
  • Launch new service lines and practices
  • Implement newsletter or e-newsletter niche marketing programs

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See the difference that precision marketing can make at your firm. Call us to discuss your objectives and learn how Koltin Consulting Group's experience, niche newsletter programs and marketing consulting services can help you achieve them.

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