Strategies That Retain More Clients Longer

Client retention is critically important, for three reasons:

  1. Retaining a client costs a fraction of what it takes to obtain a new one,
  2. Most new business comes from existing clients (and their referrals), and
  3. The lifetime value of even smaller clients can contribute significantly to your long-term success.

So, what steps can you take to boost client retention at your firm? Start by calling Koltin Consulting Group. Our client relationship management pros are ready to show you how to make your clients so satisfied they don't even think of leaving. Our client retention services include:

  • Client satisfaction surveys and interviews
  • Evaluation of current client relationship management activities
  • Review of client service policies and performance
  • Development of client retention strategies and programs
  • Segmentation of client base to facilitate focus on top revenue generators
  • Training in in client relationship development and management

If your firm doesn't have a formal client retention program, it's time. Otherwise, you may soon find that even long-time clients are suddenly doing business with a competitor. And if you already have a program, make sure it's working as well as it should.

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Allan Koltin