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Business development and marketing skills are among the most valued skills in public accounting today, however few firms have on-going programs in place to help their "high potentials" develop their skills and bring greater results to the firm. Many accountants become great at public accounting and client service through on the job training, coaching, and mentoring from those around them…but what happens when a skill needs to be developed that doesn't exist in the people they work with on a regular basis?


The first step in the coaching process is an introductory meeting and assessment to understand the most significant areas for development and obstacles to success. Then, an individual marketing plan is built to create goals in key areas of skill development such as:

  • Client development and cross-selling
  • Referral source development
  • Personal brand building/Association participation
  • Prospect development

Monthly meetings are held to discuss activity, measure progress, create accountability, and overcome obstacles. While each meeting follows a similar format, the content is customized around areas of specific need. A simple reporting tool is used to track activity and results. During the monthly meeting a 30-day action plan is built to guide activity until the next meeting, and measure progress to goal.


Each coaching client receives an individual marketing plan focusing on client development, referral source development, prospect development, and personal brand building. Monthly meetings measure progress to goal.

Expected Results

Some KCG coaching clients have seen ROI of 20:1/yr., as is the case with a partner at a firm who grew his practice from $700k to $1m+ in annual billings in three years. More common is a range of 10:1/yr. where a manager or partner drives $50k/year in new revenue per year with coaching assistance.

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