Marketing & Business Development Consulting

Firms today need to have a proactive approach to growth, marketing, and business development. Without it, they risk falling behind — and quickly. The experienced growth and marketing consulting team at Koltin Consulting Group is comprised of former marketing and business development directors from top firms. This means they have the expertise and hands-on practical experience to help you achieve your most significant growth goals. Whether it is an individual marketing plan or a firmwide plan, lead generation for a niche or hiring a sales professional for the entire firm, or sales coaching for one partner or marketing training for all professional staff, you can count on Koltin Consulting Group to meet all of your growth, marketing, and business development needs.

With clients ranging from 2 to 250 partners, from East Coast to West Coast, with established marketing and sales cultures, and those just emerging, you can be confident that we've worked with firms much like yours, facing similar challenges and opportunities.

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