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Articles by Allan D. Koltin, CPA, CEO


pdf icon On November 9th, Allan delivered the keynote address at the National Life CPA Symposium

November 2017 - Winning in the Competitive Era of Disruption

pdf icon October 2017 - Crowe Horwath LLP combines with Rowbotham International

pdf icon October 2017 - Squar Milner Acquires Loomis

pdf icon October 2017 - Survive the First Meeting to Succeed in Acquisitions

pdf icon September 2017 - Win or Get Eaten: The war for accounting talent heats up

pdf icon August 2017 - Koltin Addresses AICPA Major Firms Group on Succession

pdf icon July 2017 - Too Many CPAs Are Too Busy to Think About Long Term Careers

pdf icon June 2017 - When is a Partner Not Productive

pdf icon May 2017 - The Best Kept Secrets of the Top 3 Percent

pdf icon March 2017 - The Benefits of Being Famous

pdf icon March 2017 - Coaching to Effect Change and Develop Talent


pdf icon Winter 2016-2017 - Does Your Firm Have Curb Appeal?

pdf icon Sept 2016 - Excerpts from CPAmerica International Leading Partners

pdf icon June 2016 - Accounting and Football Legends discuss Leadership Success and the Challenges of Change

pdf icon May 2016 - How to Facilitate a Partner Retreat

pdf icon April 2016 - Back to the Future – Looking Back over Three Decades

February 2016 - Allan Koltin Inducted into Accounting Hall of Fame

pdf icon February 2016 - The State of the M&A Market

pdf icon February 2016 - CliftonLarsonAllen Merges in Bruner Cox

pdf icon January 2016 - Firm Leaders Share Lessons and Strategy

pdf icon January 2016 - CPA Firm Heads Looking for the Right M&A Candidates

pdf icon January 2016 - BDO Merges in Feeley & Driscoll

pdf icon January 2016 - Wipfli Adds Steinberg Advisors

pdf icon January 2016 - Brand-building tips for small firms and sole practitioners


pdf icon December 2015 - Baldwin CPAs Merges in Anderson, Bryant, Lasky & Winslow

pdf icon December 2015 - Armanino Merges in LaRue Corrigan

pdf icon November 2015 - BDO USA Merges in CEA

pdf icon November 2015 - Marcum Reaches into Midwest with Frost Merger

pdf icon November 2015 - CliftonLarsonAllen Merges in Camp Lowell CPAs and KFMR

pdf icon August 2015 - Citrin Cooperman Merges in Regardie, Brooks & Lewis

pdf icon June 2015 - Baldwin CPAs and Eldridge, Jackson & Leedy Merge

pdf icon May 2015 - BDO Merging in Stone Carlie to Become $1 Billion Firm

pdf icon April 2015 - Koltin Addresses UIC Accounting Club on “Success after College”

pdf icon January 2015 - Wipfli Acquires Two Firms in Philly and Montana

pdf icon January 2015 - M&A in 2015

pdf icon January 2015 - Accounting firm Wipfli expanding across U.S.


pdf icon October 2014 - "Charting a Course for the Future: A Report on Firm Preparedness"

pdf icon March 2014 - "How Effective is Your Firm's Mentoring Program"

pdf icon January 2014 - 10 Plagues of CPA Firm Greatness

pdf icon January 2014 - The State of M&A: 2014


pdf icon September 2013 - "Goal Setting: The best secret of the top three-percent performers"

pdf icon September 2013 - "Owner/Partner Accountability and Unity", article on two KCG consulting clients

pdf icon September 2013 - "Free Agency: The Pathway to Great Lateral Talent"

pdf icon July 2013 - "Most Interesting Man in Accounting" Crain's Chicago Business

pdf icon July 2013 - Mind the Profit Gap" accountingToday

pdf icon July 2013 - "How Firms Can Go from Great to Good"

pdf icon June 2013 - "The 10 C's of Great Leaders"

pdf icon May 2013 - "Back to the Basics: Selling Professional Accounting Services"

pdf icon January 2013 - "Coaching to Effect Change and Develop Talent"

pdf icon January 2013 - "Changing Face of M&A" - accountingToday

pdf icon January 2013 - "Coaching to Effect Change and Develop Talent"


pdf icon November 2012 - "The Benefits of Being Famous"

pdf icon September 2012 - "Protecting the Firm"

pdf icon July 2012 - "Best Practices on Firm Governance"

pdf icon May 2012 - "Why 'B' Students Make Great Partners"

pdf icon March 2012 - "Best Practices on Succession Planning"

pdf icon January 2012 - "Strategies for Growth: The Triangle Offense"


pdf icon November 2011 - "Common Characteristics of a Successful Partner Compensation Program"

pdf icon September 2011 - "Things I Wish Someone Had Taught Me about Servicing Clients When I Was Practicing"

pdf icon May 2011 - "When Is a Partner Not Productive? And What to Do about It!"

pdf icon February 2011 - "The Five Life Cycles of CPA Firm Growth"


pdf icon September 2010 - "Thought Leadership & Best Practices-Partner Comp"

pdf icon March 2010 - "Current Trends in Mandatory Retirement: How Do You Know When It Is Time to Leave?"


pdf icon November 2009 - "Current Trends and Opportunities Regarding Partner Compensation"

pdf icon July 2009 - "Challenges and Obstacles of Managing a Multi Office Firm"

pdf icon May 2009 - "Partner Retreats - Advances"


pdf icon November 2008 - "Is Your Firm a Book of Business Firm Article"

pdf icon June 2008 - "Upward Evaluation Article"

pdf icon January 2008 - "So What Does Becoming a Partner Really Mean"

pdf icon February 2008 - "What Does it Take for Successful Strategic Plan"